Whether you’ve just started on YouTube or you’ve been running your channel for a while, sometimes it’s hard to come up with good ideas for the next video.

This is especially the case if you have done a lot of similar videos in the past, so you might want mix things up once in a while:

  • To keep your subscribers interested.
  • And to attract the attention of a wider audience.

In order to help you get inspired and find new ideas, I created the following (and quite extensive) list of possible ideas for your YouTube videos.

While some of the ideas on this list will work better for vloggers, others will work better for informational channels and businesses.

However, I think the best way to come up with new ideas is to keep an open mind and just play around with what comes into your head.

So let's dive right in...


The Big YouTube Video Idea List

1. Classic Vlog

The classic vlog is undoubtedly one of the most popular video formats on YouTube. Most of you probably already know what a vlog is, but just to give a short definition:

In a vlog (short for “video log” or “video blog”), a creator usually tells apersonal story about their life, expresses an opinion or even documents moments oftheir life with a camera. Imagine a vlog as a public video diary, where creators choose what they want to share. Another way to think of vlogs is to see them as areality show that’s also produced and edited by the person who’s starring in it.

Many vloggers upload their vlogs daily (or at least 5 times a week), while others choose to vlog a few times a week, weekly or less often. Vlogging requires you to be comfortable talking about personal stuff publicly - or at least share your personal opinion on things. Many vloggers also film their families, friends and girlfriends/boyfriends, so an open-minded environment is definitely helpful.

While the big YouTubers make it seem like vlogging is super easy, it can take a lot of effort, especially if you want to vlog daily. It also seems to work best for people with an energetic, upbeat personality. If you want to vlog, you definitely need to have a talent to talk about anything and be entertaining while doing so.

Some popular vloggers are Casey Neistat, ShayCarl and Gary Vaynerchuk.

2. Q&A/FAQ

In a Q&A video, you are answering questions that your audience has asked you. You can take the questions from the comments of previous YouTube videos or you can ask your followers and fans on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr (or other social media platforms) to submit questions for your Q&A video.

While many vloggers use Q&A videos to answer questions about themselves, you can also use them to reply to questions about your niche topic in case you have an informational channel.
Example: If you have a tutorial channel about music production you could do regular Q&A videos where you answer all the issues that you don’t want to dedicate a full video to.

3. Tags

Tags are an important format for many YouTubers. In a tag, a creator has to follow a set of instructions or answer a list of questions which are defined by the person who invented the tag. Examples:

  • In the “What’s in my Bag?” tag, YouTubers empty their bags for everyone to see and explain why they choose to carry certain items with them.
  • In the “Girlfriend/Boyfriend” tag, creators present their partners to their audience. Usually this tag comes with a list of question that either the creator or his/her partner have to answer.
  • In the “Behind the Scenes” tag, creators show their video equipment, setup and recording room.

A tag works like a chain letter: You do it when you get tagged, and then at the end of the video or in the description, you tag someone else. However, plenty of YouTubers do tags even if they haven’t been tagged by anyone.

Tags can be a fun way to let your audience get to know you better and to show your personality. They’re especially popular with vloggers but they can work on informational channels as well.

In the following articles you can find inspiration for your tags:

4. Review

When I’m looking for a new piece of video equipment or some other product that I might spend a lot of money on, I will often type the product name directly into YouTube instead of Google. Why? Because YouTube reviews rock! Video reviews can reveal what text reviews often can’t: You get to see the product “in real life”.

Video makes it easier to talk about the specific features of a physical product. You can show particular product parts as well as cool features.

Depending on the type of product, creators might choose to either just talk about the product or to show the product in action. If you’re reviewing a blender, for example, you might want to show it preparing a smoothie. This helps viewers get an impression of the noise level and the strength of the blender.​

​When it comes to reviewing, there are no limits to your imagination. Books, films, series and game reviews are very popular, but you can also review food, courses, events, locations or even an employer.

5. Product Test/Demonstration

Closely related to the review is the product test. In a product test you demonstrate certain features of a product with your camera and sound. A good example would be a microphone test: By doing some test recordings and cutting them together in a video, the viewer can easily gain an understanding of the product quality.

A product test can be accompanied by a review but it can also stand for itself.

6. Top List

If there was a top list of the most popular video formats on YouTube, top lists would be on it. Top lists create a ranking in a specific niche. Some examples:

Top lists usually cover 5, 10 or 15 items but theoretically there is no limit to their size. Many topics are suitable for top lists - you just got to be a little creative. Would you have come up with a video on the “Top 5 Bare Facts About Baldness”?

Top lists often get plenty of views, which is the reason why many channels that dedicated to them are hugely successful. The most popular top list channel is WatchMojo.com, which has a focus on pop culture related topics.

If you want to create top lists, make sure you do plenty of research beforehand. Many viewers who watch your video will have their own ideas about what should be in the “Top 5” or “Top 10” - so you better have a good explanation to back up your choices.

Not every list needs to be a top list, by the way. In some instances it makes more sense to create a list without a ranking. An example is my video “5 Free Lesbian Web Series” from my channel WhyStuffIsGreat:

7. Rant

A rant is simply that: a rant. Rants can be about many topics, from a personal experience to a news story. Lately, there have been more and more rants concerning the YouTube community itself.

Rants can get plenty of views and incite heated discussions due to their emotional nature. If you want to create a rant that attacks something or someone, be prepared for backlash.

However, just as a rant can bring you negative attention, it can also grow your popularity and the respect of your audience, especially if you provide good arguments and deliver them in an entertaining fashion.

Many vloggers shoot their rants with them talking to the camera, while others, specifically gamers, prefer to express their thoughts talking over gameplay footage. You can even use short skits, funny editing techniques or animations to make your rants more entertaining. Which brings us to our next idea:

8. Animation

When people think about YouTube, they usually think of someone talking to a camera, comedy sketches and late-night talk show clips. What many people don’t think about is animation.

​However, the art of animating has become more and more accessible in recent years, which has led to many new YouTubers trying out creating their own animations.

What’s so great about animation is that it has no limitations. When you’re shooting in real life, it might be hard to create a sketch video that revolves around a monkey chasing a tiger. In animation, though, this scenario isn’t necessarily harder to create than a scene of two people talking.

Creating animated videos can take a lot of work, which is why many YouTubers rely on very simplified animations and drawings. It’s more about the idea than about creating a Disney film look:

9. Short Film

YouTubers and filmmakers are different breeds in 99% of the cases. Filmmakers usually want their films to be seen on the big screen, which is why many of them don’t promote their videos on YouTube or don’t even upload them.

However, that’s quite a waste since there are millions of people on YouTube willing and interested in watching short films.

While short films can be about anything, the more successful ones usually have a specific topic or at least fall into a genre. If you already have an audience, it makes sense to choose a topic that is closely related to what your viewers have been enjoying on your channel already.

Short films can require quite a bit of work as well as fancier video equipment. You might need new microphones, additional actors and a crew to help you shoot. However, if you’re creative you might be able to get away without all of that. Here is a good example of a very simple but effective short by Folding Ideas:

10. Sketch

A sketch is a short comedy video. Sketches are immensely popular on YouTube and many channels are dedicated to them. Most sketches have a length between 2 and 4 minutes and are often highly edited and fast-paced.

Making people laugh with your videos is a great way to break the ice between you and your viewer and to get people to subscribe quickly.

Just like short films, sketches can be harder to produce than many other video formats. If you’re looking for realistic ways to make your own sketches, it makes sense to look at the channels of other YouTubers and take inspiration from their videos.

11. Parody

A parody is a specific type of comedy video. In a parody you make fun of someone or something by portraying them. For example, you could parody a politician by imitating them giving a speech.

You don’t need to stick to imitating celebrities, though - here are a few other ideas:

  • Parody another YouTuber or another internet persona.
  • Parody YouTube formats (feel free to take one from this list).
  • Parody trends in the YouTube community.
  • Parody a song.
  • Do a “bad lip reading.”

Parodies can get a ton of views if they’re done well. They also fall under fair use, which makes it easier to use copyrighted material.

Here is an example from my channel QueerGermanGirl:

12. Let’s Play

Let’s Play is the format in the YouTube gaming community. In Let’s Plays, YouTubers record themselves playing a video game.

Most episodes are 10 - 30 minutes long and accompany the players while they try to play through the game. Since many games take 10/20/30 or more hours to finish, this can lead to Let’s Play series with several dozen or even a few hundred episodes.

​Let’s Plays come in different variations:

  • Only gameplay footage
  • Gameplay footage + voice over
  • Gameplay footage + microphone + camera

While the idea of becoming popular or earning your living playing video games is enticing, Let’s Plays are also one of the hardest formats to succeed at. Here, the market is oversaturated, and audiences are looking for more than to just watch someone play a game: They are looking for entertainment.

That means you will need to offer something beyond “That monster was scary” and “Uh, I don’t even know where to click right now”. Instead, you will have to find a unique angle for your videos. Maybe you’re great at speed-runs, maybe you are able to tell the most interesting stories, or maybe you have special insights into a game.

13. Tutorial

More and more people are using YouTube to improve their skills. Video is great for this because it’s like being in the room with a teacher who can show you something.

That’s why making a video tutorial can be a cool idea whether you’re a vlogger, an informational channel or a business.

Obviously you need to have a special skill or knowledge for your tutorial. If you have no idea what to make a tutorial about, think about your work, your hobbies or activities you have invested a lot of time in. Do you know how to play an instrument, how to use a specific piece of software or how to sew? This can be the starting point for a whole tutorial series.

14. Explainer Video

The purpose of an explainer video is to explain something to your viewers. “Something” could be a news topic, a philosophical dilemma or the historical importance of Furbies . 😉

Explainer videos can come in many different formats. In the simplest form, you talk in front of the camera. If your topic is more complex, you can also use explanatory footage of the topic or animations that make it easier to follow your points.

A specific sub-form of the explainer video is the whiteboard animation. In the whiteboard animation, a voice over explains the issue while a hand draws figures and objects on a whiteboard to illustrate the points.
While the first whiteboard explainer videos were indeed drawn by hand, most of these videos today are animated with specific whiteboard animation software.

15. Reaction Video

Reaction videos have become very popular in recent years. They became big with the Fine Brother’s Channel React and are one of the preferred video formats at Buzzfeed. In reaction videos, either the creator or a selection of people experience something in front of the camera for the first time. The experience could be a strange food, a freaky video or a weird makeover. Some YouTubers also film themselves reacting to world news, TV shows, films or games (similar to Let’s Plays).

Coming up with ideas for react videos can be as easy as thinking about the next movie you want to watch or the next food you want to try out. If you want to stand out from the masses, though, you will have to brainstorm a little harder. Checking out other react channels can help you get some ideas on what’s possible.

16. Documentary

When you browse certain topics on YouTube, you come across a ridiculously huge amount of illegally uploaded full-length documentaries. These often get tons of views. Now, I’m not suggesting you upload other people’s documentaries, since that would be illegal. Instead you could create documentaries yourself.

Sure, trying to create a full-length documentary might be a little too much. However, you can just as well create short documentaries about you niche topic.

In many cases, you can create short documentaries by using archive footage and a voice over. In other cases you might want to conduct some interviews and use other people’s voices to tell your story.​

17. Presentation

Here is a type of video that is easy to create and is still highly valuable: a presentation. Presentations can be a great idea for informational channels as well as business channels.

While explainer videos are usually fast-paced and often come with plenty of editing or animations, presentations are the opposite of that. They take their time to dive deep into a topic and don’t require any fancy editing. In fact, you can just talk over a PowerPoint presentation and get around editing altogether.

18. Compilation

A compilation video consists of multiple videos that are edited together. When you browse YouTube you will find all kinds of different compilation videos: animal compilations, baby compilations, film moment compilations, etc. These can attract quite a few views.

However, compilations can be tricky: When you use other people’s footage without their permission, you might be violating copyright law. If you’re planning on creating a compilation video, make sure that you have permission to use all of the content.

19. Advice

Advice is another type of content that can work well both on informational and vlogging channels. Compared to tutorials, presentations and explainer videos, advice is usually more personal and often based on experience rather than hard data (although hard data can be very effective to prove your arguments).

That’s why advice doesn’t need fancy animations or editing most of the time. Instead, you talking to the camera might suffice. Of course, putting a little more effort into your video doesn’t hurt either, as Thomas Frankly proves on Collegeinfogeek:

20. Prank

Personally, I’m not a fan of pranks but for the sake of making a comprehensive list, they definitely need to be included here. Pranks often get an astounding number of views since they are shared on many social media sites.

While prank calls and family/friend/partner pranks can be relatively easy to shoot (you only need a camera and a good mic), pranks in public can require a much more elaborate setup.

If you record strangers, you also need to make sure you get the permission of the participants to show them in your video. Without that, you could risk a takedown or even get into legal trouble.

21. Music Video

If you’re musically inclined, it might be a lot of fun to do a music video. Music videos can come in different forms: It could be you (and/or a band) playing the song, it could be a short story that is synced to the music or it could even be an animation.

But how can you use music and not violate copyright? Well, you have a few possibilities:

  • Produce your own song or use a song by a friend.
  • Use a song that was released as public domain or under a creative commons license.
  • Make a parody of a song.

22. AMV (Anime Music Video)

Another more specific form of music video is the anime music video (AMV). These are music videos where the visual content is taken from an anime film or series and is edited to the music. Of course, you don’t need to use an anime, you could use any kind of TV series, film or other visual content.

AMVs can become real view-magnets. They get a lot of visits from people who are looking for the respective anime, series, film or song on YouTube. People also tend to re-watch them, which can drive up the number of views enormously.

Here is an example where The Walking Dead (which is not an anime) meets a cover of “Radioactive”:

23. Collaboration

Working together with other creators is a great idea for several reasons:

  • It adds more variety to your channel.
  • You build relationships with other creators.
  • It’s a great way to introduce yourself to another creator’s audience.

Collaborations can take many forms but your possibilities often depend on whether you’re able to meet up physically or not.

You can find potential collaborators by reaching out to other creators in YouTube forums, YouTube Facebook groups, and by writing to them directly through their channel.

24. Interview

One type of video that many YouTubers never think of is the interview. Interviews might not work for your channel if you are a classic vlogger, however, if your channel is about a specific topic, interviews can be very interesting to your audience.

Imagine having a guitar learning channel - wouldn’t it be cool to interview a famous guitarist? And it doesn’t necessarily have to be Slash-famous; what about interviewing a big YouTube guitarist? Or if you’re reporting on gaming news, how about interviewing an indie game developer?

Classic interviews can take some effort to set up if you want to create a traditional interview feeling. You might want to have a nice room and two mics (maybe even two cameras) for a good-looking, nice-sounding interview. However you could easily reduce that effort by using a handheld microphone and sitting next to your interview guest on a couch, for example. You could even do the whole thing on Skype!

Another idea is to do street interviews. This can create a lot of random funny moments, especially if you picked some funny questions. This works especially well for entertainment channels.

25. Web Series

Do you have tons of ideas for fictional content? Then how about making a whole series out of it? While short films have their audience, they usually don’t get the traction that web series do. Especially if your web series is about a specific theme your audience is interested in, it could do really well.

Obviously, web series are one of the most difficult projects to realize if you’re a YouTuber. Other than a good story that can be told over several episodes, it might require other actors, a crew and additional video equipment. Depending on the scope of the web series, it might also take quite a few days to shoot.

It definitely makes sense to keep things simple when it comes to shooting a web series. Here is an example where the creators were particularly clever: In the web series Carmilla everything is shot with a camera from the same angle:

26. Channel Trailer

​A channel trailer is the video that unsubscribed viewers will get to see when they visit your channel page.

If you’re looking for ideas for your channel but you haven’t even made a channel trailer yet, drop everything now. Then make that goddamn channel trailer!

Seriously though, a channel trailer can help to make your channel more personal and give new viewers a better idea of what your channel is about.

A channel trailer doesn’t need to be fancy- it can simply be you in front of a camera telling the audience about your channel and a little bit about yourself. Be quick with it, though; nobody wants to listen to a 10-minute explanation of your life purpose when they’ve just discovered you. Instead, find a way to sum up the most important information in 60 seconds or less.​

Here Zoella's channel trailer:

27. Unboxing

Unboxing could definitely be described as “one of these weird YouTube phenomena”. In an unboxing video, you unbox a newly purchased thing. It could be anything really, but most popular are electronic gadgets and collector’s items. Often, these items have especially neat and valuable packaging, which makes the unboxing process more satisfying to watch.

People who watch unboxing videos are usually fans of a brand, collectors or they are just interested in purchasing a specific product and are wondering how it looks in real life and what accessories it comes with.

Since many people are looking for specific products on YouTube, you can achieve good rankings with unboxing videos if you choose niche products and do your video SEO right.

28. Travel Vlog

​While many vloggers focus on life at home, others take their camera with them when they’re travelling. Travel vlogging can be a lot of fun for your viewers since they will get to see interesting locations and many will get inspired to plan their own travel adventure.

Travel vlogs are best if they’re visually interesting. So take your camera to interesting places and activities and show your audience around like you would show a guest around.

Travel vlogs don’t necessarily need to be about exotic places, by the way. It can be just as entertaining for your viewers to see you visit anther city in your state, as long as you make it interesting.

My friend Niall takes his camera to the many places he travels to (and lives in):

29. Life and Event Footage

Are you planning to visit a big rock concert, go skydiving or have you planned a visit to a gaming conference? Many places and activities offer a great opportunity for filming amazing footage. Seriously, if you’re a vlogger and have run out of ideas, how about adding a few interesting events and activities to your to do list?

Filming events can even be interesting for people who don’t like being in front of the camera and would rather focus on visual storytelling. By laying pieces of your footage over a fitting music background, you can capture unique moments and create a video that leaves a lasting impression.

30. Challenge

One of the most popular video formats on YouTube is challenges. In a challenge, creators usually have to do something ridiculous that also has a certain difficulty level. Two popular challenges in 2016 have been:

  • 100 layers: Here YouTubers put 100 layers of something together. As an example, one YouTuber put together 100 layers of Oreo filling, while another one added 100 layers of wax to his legs and then ripped them off.
  • The condom challenge: In the condom challenge, one person drops a condom filled with water on another person’s head. The goal is to make the condom wrap around the person’s head so the head is enclosed in the condom for a few seconds.

Many channels have grown tremendously thanks to participating in a few challenges. Not all challenges are completely harmless, though, so make sure you do some research and think about what you’re doing before you’re doing it.

31. Talk with Viewers

If your channel already gets its fair share of comments, it can be a good idea to reply to comments in video form.

Instead of just answering questions like in a Q&A video, you can discuss topics that your viewers are talking about in the comments. You can also ask your viewers questions, which they can answer in the comments - or in the chatbox if you choose to livestream the video.

Videos like this can be great for making your viewers feel like you care about them. It can also be a good opportunity to clarify some decisions you have made in the past or the direction your channel is going in.

32. Video Response

Just like you can use a video to reply to your viewers, you can also use it to reply to other people’s comments. YouTube actually used to have a feature that would link videos together if someone made a reply video. Much to the disappointment of the community, YouTube removed this feature a few years ago.

With the growing YouTube community, reply videos have become more and more popular.

Many YouTubers use videos to respond to controversial channels and opinions on YouTube. For example, they might criticize a creator who regularly makes sexist jokes.

Others reply to a video to share an experience that is similar to that of the original poster. For example, they might have watched a video about depression, which inspires them to upload a video where they talk about their own experience with depression.

If you want to be more actively engaged in the YouTube community, a video response can be a great idea. Keep in mind, though, that responding negatively to other YouTubers might get you the attention of trolls and fans who aren’t happy about your opinion.

33. Create something

Watching someone create something can be weirdly satisfying. If you have any special skill that has a visual component to it, why not film and upload it? At least that’s what thousands of makeup, cooking, drawing and DIY-channels do.

While you are working on your creation, you can explain the processes you are going through or you can just let the video speak for itself. If you decide not to comment on your creation, it can be cool to speed up the video. That way the creation process becomes even more impressive and magical. Like in this video, for example:

34. Destroy something

Just like you can document the process of creating something, you can also document the process of destroying something. Yes, destroying things is a valid YouTube genre and some channels are completely dedicated to it. Now we’re not talking about walking around and vandalizing things. Instead, destruction videos usually use a specific tool to destroy an object.

Destruction videos probably got their first big boost with the series “Will it blend?” by Blendtec. In this series, everyday objects are put in a blender, and then the creators hit the button and see what is left of the object. And yes, they do this with expensive things like iPhones, too.

Another popular and newer channel is the Hydraulic Press Channel where things get crushed with - guess what? - a hydraulic press.

Usually destruction channels work best if you have a special destruction device at your disposal. If you don’t....maybe it’s better you not consider creating this kind of video.

35. Interactive Series/Game

Did you know that you can create an interactive series or game with YouTube? The “choose your own adventure” kind. The trick is to use annotation cards to direct the viewer to other videos. For example, you could lay an annotation card over a door and link it to a video that will show what happens when you open the door.

One problem with using annotations, however, is that they don’t work on mobile. You might be able to use cards but they probably won’t work as well. So make sure you let your viewers know that your game/interactive series works best on a desktop.

36. Analysis

If you enjoy diving deep into topics, you might enjoy the art of analyzing things. Video is a great way to do that since you can use visual content to explain your arguments and prove your points.

But what kinds of things can you analyze? Movies and TV series are very popular. To give you an example, every week after the release of a new The Walking Dead episode, many YouTubers analyze and dissect the plot and compare it with the plot in the comic books. Other YouTubers have analyzed the music of The Hunger Games or Lord of the Rings among other things.

But an analysis doesn’t have to be limited to movie and film. Some clever creators have taken the duty upon themselves to reveal fake pranks by analyzing their videos:

If you are knowledgeable about a particular topic, you could even analyze news and general schools of thought around that topic.

37. Slideshow

Not all videos need to be based on video material. If you enjoy photography, you might enjoy making videos from your photos using a slideshow. Slideshows are a great option for people who are just starting out with video editing or who actually have some great photos to share.

The most interesting slideshows are usually about something extraordinary like a special event (a wedding, skydiving) or consist of breath-taking nature photos (a monumental landscape, shooting stars, etc.).

In order to make your slideshow more interesting, you can add some music to it, or even add a voice over if you feel the need to comment on it.

38. Blooper Reel of Yourself

If you’ve been in front of the camera for a while, creating a blooper reel could be an excellent idea for one of your next videos. Your long-term subscribers will particularly enjoy seeing you perform not-so-perfectly in front of the camera.

In order to create a blooper reel of your own videos, it’s best to take them from a large amount of videos to make them more interesting. So if you’re thinking of putting some bloopers together in the future, start saving those funny moments.

39. Experiments

Want to put some science-y action on YouTube? How about conducting an experiment? Experiments can be a quite fascinating to watch and will get you some views, especially if the footage looks good.

Please always make sure you know what you’re doing and also let your subscribers know if an experiment shouldn’t be conducted without specialist knowledge and training. Even simple experiments can end badly if you’re operating with dangerous materials.

One of the most popular experiments on YouTube contains Coke and Mentos:

40. Performance

Maybe you are one of those people who are blessed with a performance talent like singing, dancing, juggling or playing a musical instrument. If there’s anything you can do that one would usually do in front of a live audience, you can probably do it on YouTube, too (no naked dancing, though - sorry!).

In particular, covering songs can be a great way to get views since people are always looking for their favorite songs on YouTube. In case you decide to go for a cover song, make sure you’re allowed to use it.

41. Log

Documenting a change you’re going through, a new habit you’re trying to create or a challenge you’re taking on can be super interesting for your viewers.

Many transgender YouTubers document their transition over time. Other creators have documented their process of going vegan or their journey of losing weight.

Depending on what type of change/challenge/habit you choose, you can create your logs daily or less often.

These types of logs are usually very inspiring to watch and can encourage your viewers to take the same path, to share their own stories and to cheer you on.​

42. Haul

Another “weird YouTube phenomenon” is the haul video. In a haul video, you show your audience what you just bought on your shopping haul. It can be as fancy as designer clothing or as ordinary as groceries. Yes, millions of people will watch a video of someone unpacking their grocery bags.

In most haul videos, the creator will also comment on the purchase. They might explain why they bought a certain product or point out any special product features.

Haul videos are probably most interesting for your audience if you are vlogging a lot about your life and your daily routines.​

43. Video Tour

If you’re a vlogger, your audience will be highly interested to see how you’re living. Even in case you mostly do “sit down” vlogs, many would love to take a look behind the scenes and get an impression of your setup, your room and your house. So how about showing your viewers around?

This can also be a great idea if you’re travelling and spend a lot of time in different places. Make sure you always have the permission to film, though. With public places this can be quite tricky.

Also, be somewhat careful with your video tours. You might not want to reveal too much information about your house to protect yourself from stalkers and overeager fans.

44. Giveaway

Quite a few bigger YouTubers host regular giveaways. While some of these giveaways come with a contest, others only require you to write a comment to enter.

Giveaways can be a great way to reward and bond with your community. Don’t necessarily expect your channel to grow from them, though.​

There are quite a few rules that come with hosting a giveaway or contest that you should read through before announcing your first giveaway. These rules have also changed a few times in the past, so always make sure you’re up-to-date.

45. Sponsored Video

If you already have an audience, you might as well earn some money with them ;). Sponsors can give you not only money but also ideas for your next video.

Sponsored videos usually need to be about a specific topic with a message to check out the sponsor’s product or website at the end.​

While getting paid to make videos sounds exciting, it’s not something that everybody can do. Most sponsorship programs require a certain number of subscribers. In order to sign up with Famebit, for example, you need to have at least 5,000 subscribers.​

46. Celebrate Milestones

You finally hit 1,000 subscribers or your first 1,000,000 views? Why not celebrate this achievement with your community!

Celebrating a milestone is a way to let your community to know that you care about them. Many YouTubers also host a giveaway when they reach a milestone.

47. Remake an Old Video

Not all ideas need to be new. If you’ve been on YouTube for a while you might have covered a lot of topics and done a ton of videos already. Sometimes, though, an early video with a great idea didn’t turn out very well because you didn’t have the right resources or the experience to do it properly. Time to remake it!

There’s nothing that speaks against rebranding and updating an old video. In fact, wouldn’t it be a waste to let your old videos lie around where nobody sees them? Often, remaking an old video can offer the advantage that the bulk of the work is already done, especially if you only remake a part of it.

You could even remake the old video and then make a new video comparing your old video to the new one. This can work well with tags, for example: are the answers you give today the same you gave five years ago? How did you change?

In a particularly brilliant example, this YouTuber Jeremiah McDonald used an old video to conduct an interview with himself:

Still not enough video ideas?

You’ve been through the whole list and still haven’t found the right idea? Then I’m not sure what to do with you. Okay, that’s a lie because I already published an article on this blog that will help you create hundreds of video ideas in your niche:

Find out how to create hundreds of ideas for your YouTube channel.

Also, here's a list by Studiobinder that contains 150 (!) YouTube video ideas.

In the comments, please let me know if you have come across other ideas so I can add them to the list.

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