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Creating videos and vlogs with your family can not only be fun, it can also be very interesting to your audience. That’s what the “sibling tag” was created for.

What is the sibling tag?

The sibling tag is also known as the “sister tag” or “brother tag”. In the sibling tag, you and your sibling answer questions about yourselves and each other. Your audience (and you!) will find out how similar or different you two are and how you relate to each other. Sometimes you might even find out something about each other you didn’t know before!

This is an example of the sister tag by Luhhsetty:

If you’re eager to create a sibling tag video yourself but are still looking for the right questions, don’t worry: I have compiled a list of 66 questions here. Feel free to look through the list and pick out a few questions before you record the video. It never hurts to be prepared!

Here are 66 questions for the sibling tag:


  • Who is the older/younger sibling?
  • What do you like about your sibling?
  • What annoys you about your sibling?
  • What was the last text you sent to each other?
  • What do you and your sibling have in common?
  • In which area are you and your sibling the complete opposite?
  • How often do you argue?
  • Describe your sibling with three adjectives.
  • Who keeps their room/home cleaner?
  • Who takes longer to get dressed?
  • Who takes longer to do their hair?
  • What does your sister/brother talk about the most?
  • Who watches more TV?
  • What are your sibling’s weird obsessions?
  • What is something you like to do together?
  • What’s your sibling’s biggest talent?
  • What is your brother or sister really bad at?
  • Do you have nicknames for each other?
  • How much time do you spend together?
  • Does your sibling have a YouTube channel (give it a shoutout!)?
  • What’s one thing you can do that your sibling can’t?
  • What’s your favorite inside joke that you share?
  • What was the last thing you did with your sister/brother?
  • Did you get along when you were younger?
  • What is your funniest childhood memory of your sibling?
  • What did you most fight about as children?
  • Are you closer now or when you were younger?
  • What is your favorite thing about your sibling?
  • What habits does your sibling have that you would change if you could?
  • Do you compete with each other?
  • What are things that you are both good at?
  • What are things that you are both bad at?
  • Who is more creative?
  • Who is the better singer?
  • Who is more introverted/extroverted?
  • Who is more talkative?
  • Who is more athletic?
  • Who sleeps longer?
  • Who reads more?
  • Who is funnier?
  • Who is lazier?
  • Who is more chill?
  • Did you have a favorite game when you were kids?
  • What is one thing your sibling cannot live without?
  • Which one of you is most likely to turn out like your mom or dad?
  • What is the weirdest habit your sibling has?
  • If you got a call that your sibling was in jail, what would be the first crime that comes to mind?
  • What is the dumbest decision your sibling has ever made?
  • What is the smartest decision your sibling has ever made?
  • Which one of you do you think will get married first?
  • Which one is most likely to have a big family?
  • Which one is most likely to excel in their career?
  • What is one thing that has changed about your sibling as they have become older?
  • What is one thing your sibling might not know about you?
  • What’s your sibling’s favorite song?
  • If your sibling was an animal, what would they be?
  • If your sibling could go to any country, which would it be?
  • If your sibling’s life was a movie, which actor would play their role?
  • Who’s better at math?
  • Who’s the better cook?
  • Who’s the better dancer?
  • Who is more pessimistic/optimistic?
  • What’s your sibling’s favorite movie?
  • Is there anything you don’t like doing together?
  • You want to make a sandwich for your sibling. What do you put on it?
  • What’s your sibling’s favorite ice cream flavor?

F.A.Q. Sibling Tag

Q: Can I play this with more than one person?
A: Absolutely! Get all your siblings together and it could be even more fun.

Q: How many questions should I pick?
A: You can choose as many questions as you want to. The more questions you pick, the longer your video will be. Most YouTubers who do the sibling tag choose 10 - 15 questions. Make sure to pick some of the more open-ended questions as well to make the conversation more interesting.

Q: What about questions I don’t want to answer?
A: No problem! There is no rule that says you have to answer all the questions. Just pick the ones you like the most. 🙂

More sibling tag ideas?

Do you have any other questions you’d love to see on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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