Anna Video MarketingAbout me

Hi, I’m Anna, creator of Why Video Is Great and the pop culture YouTube channel Why Stuff Is Great. My videos have gained hundreds of thousands of views and have been featured on websites such as Kotaku, IGN, PC-Gamer, GameStar, onemorelesbian.com, and lesbianmedia.tv.

When I’m not bragging about my success on YouTube, I spend too much time watching TV shows and eat too many veggie burgers.

About this blog

In 2014 I started my YouTube channel Why Stuff Is Great and knew one thing: I really wanted people to see my content. I was also willing to put in the work to learn how to do that.

In fact, I really enjoyed the marketing aspect of the work – mostly because it was so rewarding and gave me results so quickly. Back then I had a background in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media and content marketing for 8 years already so many concepts of video marketing weren’t exactly new to me.

However, for some reason, marketing video seemed to come even easier to me than marketing other kinds of content. Maybe because I was more passionate about it. Maybe because it was just my thing.

Two years later, and some of my videos have reached between 150,000 and 400,000 views.

Instead of focusing on the quantity, I learned how to create videos that rank well in the YouTube search engine. Of course, I’m still learning and every new video is an experiment that is helping me to understand video marketing better – and to be honest, that’s a big part of the fun! 🙂

So you can benefit from it, too, I want to share with you what I’ve learned about creating and marketing videos. Have a question or need advice about you channel? Shoot me an email at whyvideoisgreat@gmail.com.

Photo by Arlan HamiltonFavicon by Ralf Schmitzer.