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One of the most popular tags on YouTube is the best friend tag. Why? Because it’s only natural to want to introduce your best friend to your audience. But even if your friend is the most entertaining person in the world, you still need good questions to make sure your YouTube video is going to be interesting. That’s why, in this article, I put together a list of 77 questions for the best friend tag.

How Does The Best Friend Tag Work?


In the best friend tag, you and your best friend answer questions about each other and your friendship. Let’s take, for example, the question, “What’s your best friend’s favorite song?” Both you and your friend would guess the other person’s favorite song. Then you reveal what your actual favorite song is.

Of course, you can play this tag differently. Maybe you want only one person to answer questions, for example. You can get plenty of inspiration by watching other YouTubers’ best friend tag videos.

  • 1. How and when did you and your best friend meet?
  • 2. What was your first impression of them?
  • 3. What’s your favorite memory together?
  • 4. Describe each other in one word.
  • 5. What’s your best friend’s dream job?
  • 6. What is something that annoys you about the other person?
  • 7. If you and your best friend could live anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?
  • 8. What is your favorite inside joke that you and your best friend share?
  • 9. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
  • 10. What’s your best friend’s favorite season?
  • 11. What’s your best friend’s favorite song?
  • 12. What’s your best friend’s favorite band?
  • 13. What’s your best friend’s favorite animal?
  • 14. What’s your best friend’s favorite color?
  • 15. What’s your best friend’s favorite movie?
  • 16. What’s your best friend’s favorite food?
  • 17. What is a weird food that your best friend likes?
  • 18. Have you ever taken a trip together?
  • 19. What’s your best friend’s favorite TV show?
  • 20. What is the name of your best friend’s first crush?
  • 21. Which three things would your best friend take with you on an deserted island?
  • 22. Who is your best friend’s celebrity crush?
  • 23. What’s a thing that you have never told anyone else, including your best friend?
  • 24. What do you admire the most about the other person?
  • 25. What does your best friend always carry around wherever they go (besides phone and keys)?
  • 26. What was your best friend’s favorite TV show as a kid?
  • 27. Who would play your friend in a movie?
  • 28. What phobias does your best friend have?
  • 29. What are you obsessed with?
  • 30. If your friend has a nickname or many nicknames, what are they?
  • 31. What is something weird that your best friend likes?
  • 32. What’s a thing your friend doesn’t know about you (yet)?
  • 33. Is there anything you don’t like to do together?
  • 34. What’s your friend’s worst habit?
  • 35. If your friend met a genie and were granted a wish, what would it be?
  • 36. What does your friend’s ideal birthday party look like?
  • 37. What’s your favorite thing to do together?
  • ​38. If you were ordering a pizza for your best friend, which toppings would they want?
  • 39. What’s your friend’s favorite food?
  • 40. What’s their favorite ice-cream flavor?
  • 41. What does your friend do on a free day?
  • 42. What is your best friend really good at?
  • 43. What is your best friend terrible at?
  • 44. Have you two ever had a fight? Why?
  • 45. When is your friend’s birthday?
  • 46. Does your friend have an expression or phrase that they say very often?
  • 47. Where was your best friend born and where would they like to live?
  • 48. Who was the last person your friend kissed?
  • 49. As a kid, what did your best friend want to become when they grew up?
  • 50. What is a unique thing about your friend that only a few people know?
  • 51. If your best friend is single, describe their dream partner.
  • 52. What does your best friend talk about all the time?
  • 53. What would your friend do if they won the lottery?
  • 54. How many kids does your friend want and what will their names be?
  • 55. If your friend could have one superpower, which one would it be and why?
  • 56. If your friend could choose to master one skill, which one would it be?
  • 57. What was your friend’s first job?
  • 58. What was the shittiest job your friend ever had?
  • 59. Who is your friend’s favorite YouTuber (who isn’t one of their friends)?
  • 60. What was a weird dream your best friend had?
  • 61. If you grew up together, what’s a funny story from your childhood?
  • 62. Does your friend focus on the future or the past?
  • 63. You want to make a sandwich for your friend. What do you put on it?
  • 64. What’s your friend’s favorite drink?
  • 65. Who’s a better dancer?
  • 66. Who’s a better singer?
  • 67. Who’s better at math?
  • 68. Who’s better at talking to people?
  • 69. Who’s the better cook?
  • 70. Who handles their money better?
  • 71. Who’s more reliable?
  • 72. Who’s more annoying?
  • 73. Who always gets their way?
  • 74. Who is more extroverted/introverted?
  • 75. Who is more optimistic/pessimistic?
  • 76. Why is your friend a great friend?
  • 77. What’s a moment in your friendship that touched you?

FAQ Best Friend Tag

Q: How many questions do I need to pick?

A: Most YouTubers pick between 10 and 15 questions. How many questions you want to do might also depend on what kind of questions you’ve picked. Simpler ones can be answered quickly while more complex ones might require more time (often, these can be quite entertaining).

Q: Can I do this tag with more than one friend?

A: Absolutely. Maybe you don’t want to call it “best friend tag” in that case, but that’s your choice. In general, this tag is more interesting when you’re doing it with somebody who knows you well. And the longer your shared history goes back, the more stories about each other your have at your disposal.

More Best Friend Tag Questions/Ideas?

Have you got more interesting questions that you would like me to add to this list? Please leave your suggestions in the comments!

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