what's the best shock mount for the blue spark?

The Blue Spark is a versatile, high-quality microphone that is available in an XLR version and a USB/iOS version. While both versions are great microphones, they have one issue: They don’t come with a traditional shock mount.

What’s a shock mount?

A shock mount holds your microphone and protects it from unwanted vibrations like your foot accidentally kicking the table leg or your hand hitting the microphone stand. If you’re not using a shock mount, these types of “shocks” typically result in a loud low rumbling sound. Obviously, that’s not something you want in your recording.


Wait, doesn’t the Blue Spark come with a shock mount?

The Blue Spark Digital (which is the USB/iOS version) does indeed come with a kind of shock mount. I say “kind of” because it’s attached to the Blue Spark desk stand. However, many Blue Spark users look for a more traditional shock mount that can be attached to a regular microphone stand or boom arm. Why?

  • Putting your microphone on a separate stand will give you more space on your desk.
  • Desk stands are simply more prone to picking up vibrations from the desk - even with the shock mount. This means that using a regular shock mount with a regular stand will give you more professional results.
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Also, let’s not forget that the XLR version of the Blue Spark doesn’t even come with a desk stand.

Which shock mount for the Blue Spark should you get?

Now, the issue with the Blue Spark is that it only fits a few select mounts. This wouldn’t be such a problem if the producer Blue had an affordable shock mount in their assortment. Unfortunately, Blue‘s accesorries are quite expensive (last time I checked, the price was at a point where it hurt).

The good news is, there are other mounts.

Samson SP01 Spider (Our choice!)

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This mount by Samson was really designed for the Samson C01 condenser microphone, but it turns out it works with the Blue Spark as well! Not only that, it’s also a quality shock mount that will help you isolate your mic from all kinds of unwanted vibrations.

Get it here.

Alternative: Weymic Wms-1

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The Weymic Wms-1 is a worthy alternative and works great for a lot of Blue Spark users. One thing you should know about this screw mount is that is has a plastic handle, so it might not be as durable. So if you want to use your mic a lot, the Samson SP01 might be a better alternative.

Get the Weymic Wms-1 here.

Now on to you.

Have you used one of these shock mounts? Or do you know an alternative? Let us know in the comments!

Happy recording!

Written by Anna
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